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IT Services


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Managed IT Services

Do you know how much RAM your network computers should have? Do you know how the latest devices and updates work within your network? We keep tabs on all your Information Technology needs so you can focus on growth.

Network Services

Do you need fast speeds, seamless connections for sharing, and an easy-to-use system that comes with training and ongoing help? Our network services create a dependable network that's easy to use for your team.

Data Backup and Recovery

If your hard drive crashes or gets corrupted, it can be difficult to access your essential files. We perform regularly scheduled backups to the cloud. If anything should happen, we can access your available files easily.

Regulatory Compliance (HIPAA, PCI DSS and FINRA)

Not having the right system and security is a big problem for companies in the health, financial, and payment industries. We know the fine details your network needs to abide by to avoid any legal hassles.

Risk Intelligence Scanning (PCI DSS, Data Breach and Security Scans)

We scan for vulnarabiliites and unsecured data on your network. If not protected, this data is up for grabs for anyone with ill intentions. We not only find the vulnerabilities, we put the proper technology in place to secure it for good.

Office 365

The Microsoft Suite is all online! Word, Excel, Outlook, and more can be used by your staff to work on files together, communicate effectively, and deliver with precision.

Cloud Computing

Eliminate the frustration and lost time that comes with hardware failure. Instead of relying on computers and servers to save your files, we'll keep them safe and secure in the cloud.

Computer Repair

You and your staff need your devices. Shipping them off to be repaired can take days. We're able to quickly diagnose and fix your problems so you're back up and operating in minutes our hours instead of days.